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1230000318488 - Martha Finley: Ella Clinton (Illustrated) - Raamat


Ella Clinton (Illustrated) (2015) (?)

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1230000318488 (?)

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Ella, you are the most provoking child that ever was born. You can never let a thing alone, but must have your fingers in everything. You've no more idea of neatness than old Tabby; no, nor half so much. You come in from school, and bonnet goes here, and book there. It's no use to talk to you, and one might run after you all day, and then couldn't keep the house to rights. I declare, you're enough to try the patience of Job!" So saying, Aunt Prudence set herself energetically to work, to put to rights the work-basket which poor Ella had most unfortunately disarranged. "I should like to know," she continued, "what children were ever made for. I'm sure they're nothing but bother and trouble, from week's end to week's end." Poor Ella darted up stairs to her own room, and throwing herself upon the bed, burst into a fit of passionate weeping.
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Märksõnad: Ella Clinton (Illustrated) Martha Finley Adult Teen 1230000318488
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