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9789949331123 - Peep Vain: The Most Important Question
Peep Vain (?):

The Most Important Question (2013) (?)

Tarne: Austraalia

ISBN: 9789949331123 (?) või 9949331129, inglise keeles, Vain SMD Konsultatsioonid, Vain SMD Konsultatsioonid, Vain SMD Konsultatsioonid, Uus, e-raamat, digitaalne allalaadimine

7,28 (A$ 10,00)¹(Tasuta saatmine, ilma kohustuseta)
A big reason why people do not get what they want is that they often do not know what they want. There are infinite possibilities. There are conflicting desires. Other expect much from us. Our wishes are modified from outside by media and marketing. It is easy to lose yourself and to sacrifice your most important wants to a variety of "urgent" demands. Life gets out of balance and dissatisfaction deepens. The Most Important Question is about how to best understand what it is you really want in want, how to get what you really want, and how to honestly enjoy it. In his first book, Peep Vain introduces a simple and linear method for finding out what you really want and making it happen. He will guide you to:- See a wider array of possibilities, discover your dreams and create a vision for your life- Embark on a quest of self-knowledge and self-awareness to make choices ideal for you- Choose and formulate your goals and make firm decisions about pursuing them- Create a rational plan, a sequence of steps that gets results- Take the first step, making serious, systematic efforts until you succeed- Celebrate victories, allowing time for joy and feeling satisfaction from your success.
Müüja tellimuse number: 51a432bb-a799-4972-b223-5ed7d92ee425
Platvormi järjekorranumber 100899789949331123
Kategooria: Self Improvement
Märksõnad: The Most Important Question Peep Vain Adult Self Improvement 9789949331123
Andmed 28.02.2017 02:02h
ISBN (alternatiivsete märked): 9949-33-112-9, 978-9949-33-112-3
9789949331123 - Vain, Peep: The Most Important Question
Vain, Peep (?):

The Most Important Question (?)

ISBN: 9789949331123 (?) või 9949331129, tundmatu keel, Uus, e-raamat, digitaalne allalaadimine

Müüja tellimuse number: 21038217
Platvormi järjekorranumber (EB): 123000029
Kategooria: eBooks > Belletristik > Erzählungen
Andmed 28.02.2017 02:02h
ISBN (alternatiivsete märked): 9949-33-112-9, 978-9949-33-112-3


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