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Italians in Illawarra - Võrdle kõiki pakkumisi

9789949491117 - Gerardo Zamapaglione: Italians in Illawarra
Gerardo Zamapaglione (?):

Italians in Illawarra (1987) (?)

ISBN: 9789949491117 (?) või 9949491118, inglise keeles, 277 lehed, Friends of the University of Wollongong, Paperback, Kasutada

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The first two Italians to set foot on Australian soil were Corsican midshipman Mario Matra and Venetian Antonio Ponto, both members of Lieutenant James Cook's crew when the Endeavor anchored at Botany Bay in 1770 claiming the east coast of Australia on behalf of England's King Goerge III. Mario Matra was to submit the first plan of settlement of New South Wales in 1783 and was instrumental in seeing the plan approved; nothing further is know of seaman Antonio Ponto. Since then, over half a million Italians made their way to Australia individually and in groups. Theirs has been an incredible story, marked by extraordinary achievements in all fields of endeavour over two hundred years of settlement. Today Italian-born Australians number 261,000, with their direct and indirect descendants they are close to one million, the largest group from a non-British country. This is also true of Illawarra where they began to settle at the turn of the century although the largest contingent moved in after World War II. This is their story, written by Gerardo Zamapaglione who painstakingly gathered their oral as well as documented memories before time could obliterate them. Paperback, Silt: Friends of the University of Wollongong, Friends of the University of Wollongong, Tooterühma: Book, Avaldatud: 1987, Stuudio: Friends of the University of Wollongong


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