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Urban semiotics: materials from 3rd Juri Lotman Days at Tallinn University (in
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9789985587799 - Collection of articles, Editor: Igor Pilshchikov: Urban semiotics: materials from 3rd Juri Lotman Days at Tallinn University (in Russian)
Collection of articles, Editor: Igor Pilshchikov (?):

Urban semiotics: materials from 3rd Juri Lotman Days at Tallinn University (in Russian) (2014) (?)

ISBN: 9789985587799 (?) või 9985587790, inglise keeles, Tallinn University Press, Paperback, Uus

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Müüja/antikvaarile: Tallinn University
The collection consists of the materials from the third of the Lotman Days, which took place in TU in 2011. Urban semiotics was treated to the viewpoint of the Tartu-Moscow school, in the international conference organised as part of the Lotman Days. The conference presentations are published in two collections: the present collection includes articles in Russian, the other in English. The collection is divided into four parts. The articles of the first part analyse functioning of the "Tallinn text" and "Vilnius text" in the new and contemporary Baltic and East Slavic cultures. The second part is dedicated to reflecting the problems of urban life at the end of the 19thcentury and the beginning of 20th century Russian literature. The articles in the third part describe ways of experiencing the urban space through the eyes of artists, travellers and local people. The collection ends with a poetic exchange of thought on how the scholars of Tartu-Moscow school of semiotics have interpreted St. Petersburg´s semiotics. Paperback, Label: Tallinn University Press, Tallinn University Press, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2014, Studio: Tallinn University Press
Platvormi järjekorranumber LJDXWme1nBAxd5NEohNlNxBu%2BDsX S%2B7svgGdgVVyW%2F2CZKKvKtmQUj JTA76%2FS7F9KN016pnQSEnr%2F%2F B2vWXVG07%2FY5m42%2F3OyII3QuLQ oflGi2o11nQ7kBOBF9mpzXqN3meeTW E1B9JwM8BZfDxNVIDmgrAMUxpS
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ISBN (alternatiivsete märked): 9985-58-779-0, 978-9985-58-779-9


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